Mediabay Rack turns to Attribute view??

Hi everyone,

So recently I tried to right click a sample in the rack mediabay, hit “search for” and then the rack filter turned from the normal logical mode (Category - Sub category - Character) to this orange-looking attribute mode. Any one has any idea how I can get my logical filters back?

Thanks a lot.
Untitled (2).jpg


Press F5 , press the three rectangles button on the bottom left of the “real” mediabay and add a tick in the filters
-close and reopen racks

Doesn’t work unfortunately :frowning: The rack and the real one seem to be 2 separated entities

Does anyone have any suggestion?

Trash your preferences?

(Works here)

-> search forum for,“trash preferences”

have you solved this problem ??
if so , please give me a soluntion