MEDIABAY remove favorite ?


in media bay i have favorite locations that are wrong. How do you remove them ,


From the Manual:

To remove a Favorite, select it in the Favorites tree of the File Browser section, open the context menu and select Remove Favorite.

Doesn’t that require the partition/file/folder to actually be there?
Does that mean that there is no way to remove a favourite without actually havein the media attached?

Needs changing.


Great. I am many many miles away from my Nuendo so I couldn’t check for myself. Unless I remember incorrectly it used to be the case that we had to.

Just double-checked. Created a folder in Windows Explorer, then made it a favorite in Nuendo. Then deleted folder, favorite entry remained. Then removed entry.


I have this situation and I don’t see any options to delete favorite.
For real MediaBay is the most confusing thing in Cubase.

  • Open Right Zone
  • Click on the Tab “Media”
  • Click on the icon “Favorites”
  • Now you see icons for all your made Favorites. (if not, click on the icon with 4 stripes, at the top right (to the right of the search field).
  • Mouse hoover over a Favorite that you wanna delete and click the appearing “cross” sign at the top right of the icon.
    Outcome: That Favorite is deleted (also in Mediabay).

Does this help ?
(NB: Indeed: right click on a Favorite in Mediabay, then seeing an option to make it a Favorite (say whaat ??!!) and NO option to delete Favorite is very bad design iMHO. :frowning:

Warm Regards.

this is spot on…works for me …
the only thing id add is make sure your in the main arrangment view when you “open right zone…”
i was trying to do this in the media bay window “open right zone…” and you dont get very far…

thanks for the info :slight_smile:

apologies just realised im in the nuendo group…
in cubase you need to be in arrangement view