Mediabay samplerate conversion


After a thorough cubase crash a là carte i lost all my prefs and mediabay scans etc… Basically everything. All remote devices, all prefs, key commands, layouts, menus, mixer settings and anything else you can think of… Nice!:slight_smile:

I have set everything up again (its one of those cubase perks) and it nearly works again apart from a certain audio import from mediabay…


I have a 32,000 KHz file that i am previewing in mediabay. The loop is the correct length, the file sounds good.
As soon as i double click or drag it into the arranger, it sounds like chipmunks are singing…
(The sample rate was not converted to 44.1 and it does not sound like the mediabay preview)

I have the “convert and copy to project if needed” setting activated, but it is not helping.

Does anybody know why the mediabay (which sounds good) import to cubase arranger (chipmunks) does not work?

Thanks for your assistance.

Edit: whats funny is that other 32000Khz files from that folder import nicely… Its just that one file that “chipmunks” on import.
-> to get the file to sound like it sounds in the excellent mediabay preview I had to “impot” it, “resample” to 44.1 and use a “sizing applies timestretch” to fit it back in place… Anybody know whats going on?


Isn’t the folder write protected?