Mediabay search by filesize?

I tried to search but specific file sizes but it doesn’t seem to register properly. For instance, if I wanted to search for files under the size of 50 KB how would I enter that?

I tried: <= 50, 50 KB, and 50.00 KB. None of them worked reliably.



Type the value in B, so instead of 50 KB write 50000.

So the query is: Size <= 50000

Unfortunately it’s not exact, so if I type Size match and type any exact value, it doesn’t give me an expected results. I don’t know, what kind of unit it is, actually.

Thanks a lot Martin, that works great.



I was investigating a bit more.

Rather then in calculating HardDisk Capacities which define G = 1000^3
MediaBay defines G=1024^3

So for example 03 alto sax fill 02: the shown size is 690.88 KB in MediaBay.
690.88 KB = 690.88 * 1024 B = (ca.) 707462
707462 / 1024 = 690,880859375… rounded to 2 decimal digits => 690.88

Of course, there could be a rounding error. So at the end I found out that if I set the MediaBay to this:
Size > equals 707458
The 03 alto sax fill 02 file has been found.

Of course, if you are going to search by using >= or <=, you don’t have to set it so precisely.