Mediabay search function drives me crazy

Hello group

I’ve posted this issue a year ago in the Nuendo 5.5 forum, and the problem is still there in N6:

'When using Mediabay I’m searching for a SFX, for example, a car crash. I’m typing the word ‘car crash’, but Mediabay says ‘cr crah’. Letters are missing. It doesn’t matter if I type fast or slow.
I tried swapping the SFX disk from USB to Firewire, but that doesn’t help.
Trashing the prefs helps for a while but the error returns every time.

I found a threat from user ‘Altiverb’ from a while ago and he says:

’ Mediabay still lagging while trying to enter a keyword (i.e. the word “sworder…” Damn ! Nuendo is already trying to search even if I’m writing the “y” missing. Though, I’m able to type really quick with a keyboard !).
And searching is sooooooo long sometimes, because Nuendo tries to refresh names already refreshed 10 minutes before.’

Anyone else with this problem? Someone got a solution?



We are using Mediabay all day here, and haven’t seen such problems.


I had this problem in N5 but N6 has cured it for me.

I also sometimes have this problem in N5… I am not game to use N6 for any real recording just yet because of the intermittent record drop outs

Thanks guys.
I’ve now moved all my SFX from the firewire drive to an internal HD, but the problem is still there.
Mediabay keeps searching for files when I’m still typing the word (fast or slow typing) leaving out some of the letters of the word that I’m searching (doesn’t matter which word).
As I said before, trashing the prefs helps for a while (a few days, or a few hours) but the problem returns…

Any suggestions?


Thanks Lydiot



Yes, the Mac got 3 new SSD drives and 8gb of fresh RAM for the N6 update, at our dealer, so the machine is in perfect state.

The strange thing is that after a preference trash the error is gone for a while, but it returns. I hope there will be a easier solution than re-install the thing :smiley:



Hi Lydiot

Which settings do you want to know?

I’m only scanning a local HD full of SFX, searching for audiofiles only.