Mediabay - search undo


when i search on mediabay i put a/some word/s with filters (channels, rate, omits etc)
then i find some results i like more or less, i select a bunch then i look for another keyword and filter but realise really this new setting gives no result.
then i’d like to go back :stuck_out_tongue: maybe just change one filter or back to the exact settings i had to select more from that list.
the only way is to manually set it back… (if you remember all / filter, location etc…)

if would be nice to have a button <- Undo Search/filters wich would undo and change filters and keywords step by step.

Yep, agreed, although I don’t think a simple undo is the way to do it, it should have
a) search and filter history
b) tagging of sounds to be able to first round up a group of sounds to then be able to compare these found files in a list, all without ever having to bring them into the project first.
c) create folders with tagged sounds that can be shared by multiple users when working in a team (so the sounddesigner can decide that this group of car sounds is the main source of character sounds used for the primary vehicle in a series for example. Personally I would like to have two tags, on for the above and one that is tagging all sounds imported in a certain project like a series, so the editors can start by searching for sounds already used in previous episodes so they reuse the same sounds when appropriate.

yes all good ideas !
i create at start of my sessions lanes of sounds by categories i can later position here are there. It’s not ideal a tagging feature or “virtual folder” would be very much appreciated.