MediaBay: Set default Columns for all Folders and MAKE THEM STAY!

** UPDATE **: Feature Request for Media Bay: Please add option to Media Bay so we can set global columns that will work on all folders. Also please add possibility to save “Column Layout Presets”. ** UPDATE **

I’ve been working with Media Bay doing complex things for a long time now and it surely is a great tool. Yet what can really be annoying (because it’s such time-waster): I have to newly set my custom columns so many times! I must have set up my columns in media bay 100 times or more already!

Sometimes I get lucky and the columns display how I’ve set them up. Most of the time though, it’s all messed up again. If I search for samples in a specific folder, boom, all custom columns are gone again. I can’t stress enough what a nuisance this is every time. I really don’t get the awkward logic behind this unintuitive behavior in media bay. It seems like it was designed to purposely bug the hell out of users?!?

How can I set up the columns ONCE and keep them how I set them up for any file type, folder and so on and make my custom columns layout STAY PUT like I initially have it set up, regardless of where I am or what I am looking at, FOREVER and IN ALL FOLDERS and WITHOUT Cubase deciding to obliterate, shatter and destroy everything I worked so hard to set up so many times?

I appreciate any input on how to make my custom column layout in Media Bay stick.




I’m afraid this is not possible. MediaBay is designed so it remembers every single folder settings individually. This is by design. I’m not aware of any way, to say “this is my default settings, I want to use for all folders”. Sorry.

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply.

So if I want to have columns show the same way in all my sample folders, I need to set it 1500 times for each folder? That is by design? Seriously?

Wouldn’t it make more sense, that a user can set a global column structure for all folders, which then acts as a default for all folders until a specific folder is changed individually? Better yet, why not allow presets for columns, that would solve the problem!!

I am really struggling with the current set up and am tired of having to consistently re-order my columns. The current set-up is deficient and a bit of a pain in the neck.

I would post a feature request, if only I knew that Steinberg was planning to overhaul the media bay anytime soon. Any insights?


Please add the Feature Request tag to this thread.


This is not possible? It’s code, everything is possible the problem is getting the company to devote time to making it happen…

If something so basic and simple as this request is not possible then Cubase will die a slow death… seriously.

Please- Martin said that it is currently not possible, not that it is impossible to code. If you’re going to post angry hyperbole, at least read the thread so you understand the context.

Angry Hyperbole?
Read the thread?

Yes. That’s correct.

I actually have the reverse issue, intermittently, changing certain folders will change others I definitely don’t intend to… Folders that aren’t even part of the same tree.

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This is a bug in the current state of Cubase 11 And Nuendo 11.

How Could somebody waste their time to code a Media Bay with many great Features for organising things and mess up having static columns for any media bay view.
The Media Bay Column are jumping around like crazy when browsing different folders. Please include an option to stop this nonsense.
Media bay is a smart concept designed by smart programmers. It gives me a headache that they didn’t think about static columns. Do you want your iTunes library or Spotify to mess up the columns each time you browse through different albums ?

This Bug is driving me crazy because I want to use the media bay in a professional manner. Nobody in their right mind trying to develop a professional workflow for using the media bay would be pleased with the current state of the columns jumping around.
Please allow us the professional use of the media Bay with static columns for all folders within a media bay view… I really hope this gets a Bug Number#. I really consider this as a bug and total time waster when trying to work with the media bay

Thank you very much,
Cheers, lokotus

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Please use the voting system above to maybe make steinberg more aware of this bug… thanks…

I have set up my result columns in the media bay so many times, but for some reason, the Media Bay keeps reverting to its custom result layouts. Since there is NO WAY to store the column result layout as a preset (not sure why???) I keep loosing them. If I set up how my results are displayed globally (let’s say for all my samples), then any sub-folder I click on, I have to re-assign how the columns are displayed again. Since the process of finding and setting column headers itself is a tedious process in the media bay, this is a total workflow killer.

Does Steinberg expect us to re-assign all the column result layouts for multiple folders (in my case over 30 folders)? Really?

I did report this issue so many times, yet only received minimum reaction. It’s not acknowleded as a problem, but instead, I get the answer that this behaviour is by design!? How can it be by design, that I have to re-assign my column result view so many times? After switching to a different folder, after updates or often after no apparent reason at all. I doubt if anyone using the media bay actually understands the inherent logic of how these layouts are forced upon us.

There are currently many AI-driven alternatives (sample librarians), but none which are as tightly integrated within Cubase / Nuendo. So we are left with an old and outdated librarian, that still does not utilize any sort of AI and which is very difficult to manage overall. Since AI has been around for so long, it makes me wonder what Steinberg is waiting for?

I think many of us would appreciate some feature updates, that would finally bring the Media Bay into the 21st century. When was the last time new features were introduced into the Media Bay? Was it 10 years ago?

Please add some sort of artificial intelligence (AI) engine to tagging and searching, give us some more innovative search result layouts (like a dotted cloud or star view). Lastly, clean up some of the annoying aspects of the media bay and give us more control over column result layouts for classic views (eg. store custom layouts as presets for easy recalling).

I really like the media bay, but it is becoming outdated and some of the persistent bugs are just very annoying to deal with on a daily basis.

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this is not good enough. With SO many features, this should be easy to implement.

Just gonna pop in here and give this request a bump and endorsment… I now try to go for as long as possible avoiding setting it up again, it’s a real pain in the buttocks when it resets.