MediaBay Standalone

This would be useful when creating own sample libraries and organizing them, especially when editing and tidying in other programs such as Spectralayers.

Yes, I totally agree. Good call. It would also be an incentive for Steinberg to keep developing MediaBay, adding AI down the road and many more cool features. If Steinberg can sell the Media Bay independently from Cubase and Nuendo as a sample / midi / vst preset librarian to any DAW user, it would certainly open a lot more revenue streams for them and hence will also help safeguard its further development. I think we should start a thread and let people comment what new features & improvements users would like to see in future releases of MediaBay. We could add a preliminary list of feature requests based on those already published in the forums.

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I forgot I made this thread!

Good things take time :joy:

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I think MediaBay is to much of a product selling point for Cubase and Nuendo, I doubt they would ever sell it as a completely standalone product. I would assume a purchase for Cubase or Nuendo would be requried to obtain the standalone.

I more or less, just want to open up my MediaBay without having to open up Cubase/Nuendo.