Mediabay still missing files— deleted databases, clearing all filters, rescanning, and restarting

Mac Catalina
My Mediabay is still missing some AIFF audio files. All are standard AIFF, 16bit 44.1 or 48k files. I have deleted all Steinberg preferences related to databases, such as mediabay3, rescanning, clearing all filters and Restarted. I have read every article that exists here, and everywhere else… I can see the files in the finder, and search in Spotlight, I can play the files in Quicktime… I can even drag them to a project, but certain AIFF files are still missing. Some are there. I will link to an offending file:

Is there another place to delete the media prefs besides my prefs folder in my user library?

Thank you!

Found the issue. All files with the filetype suffix “.aiff” in the file name fail to be shown by Nuendo. This happens when files are renamed by someone, and by some software that incorrectly uses the AIFF file suffix, instead of simply aif. One of those pieces of software is Audio Hijack by Rogue Amoeba. I have contacted them to fix it, and renamed the files.

Thank you.