Mediabay volume


I was wondering if it is me…but i can not find any button to increase or decrease the volume of the preview of the loop/sample i want to import from the mediabay.

Is this function not in cubasis?

Because when having the mixer channels on -12db,the samples you want to preview are way to loud.

This is very annoying because every time i have to lower the volume of the mixer to get the preview at the same level as the project volume.

I hope i am overlooking something?


Hi @Mono_Cyte,

Thanks for your message.
As of yet, the MediaBay did not include individual volume options.

Please note that we’ve released Cubasis 3.4 this morning, which adds great new features alongside resolving many user-reported problems:

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

Thank you for the reply.

I recently upgrade the cubasis3 le version to the version with the same features as the normal version,does this update also is for the upgraded le version?

I already downloaded the new version :smiley:

Is there a way to put in the request of the mediabay volume somewhere?

Hi @Mono_Cyte,

We will make sure to share the request with the team.


Thanks :+1: