mediabay vst3 presets

i’m wondering how others deal with vst 3 presets between multiple computer setups? especially between mac and pc setups. for instance… my windows machine has a vsti called “curve 2-64 bit” and the mac calls the same plugin “curve 2”. vst3 presets saved on the pc side are not accessible on the mac side even though they are in the correct folder, i’m guessing cause the ID (the name) is slightly different. is there a way to re tag these presets so i can access them? when we had fxp’s and fxb’s this was never a problem. i run into this all the time… where the manufacturer has changed the name of the vst or vsti slightly and then all the presets for that vst/vsti are no longer accessible. that happens even on the same machine! mediabay would actually be way more convenient than saving presets in each plugins proprietary browser but it’s really not at all dependable at this point. do any other users have a workaround for this, other than saving presets in each plugins own preset system?