Mediabay Will Not Delete Key,Tempo,Bars

I am unable to delete Key, Tempo, Bar count from my samples in Mediabay. Upon right clicking & deleting the attributes it seems to work, but they always come back after clicking on them again. What am I doing wrong? I simply want to clear all the metadata from the files that Mediabay has added.
I’m just beginning to convert my libraries to meet the UCS standards & clearing the metadata out & starting fresh is critical in this process. Hopefully somebody can help me out. Thank you

I’ve discovered the wave files that will not remove Key, Follow, BPM, Bars are ALL Acidized wave files created in FL Studio… Does anyone know of a program that can read/edit Acidized metadata on Mac? I have thousands of files that need this metadata wiped. None of the Acid metadata shows up in Soundminer V5Pro… This is a real pain in the ass.