MediaBay wishlist: Cubase 11

1. Key detection mode
Not necessarily a mode that automatically puts everything into a key, but it would be a great feature if we could get a right-click option that would be able to give us a key or even just “close to a key” feature.

2. Tempo detection mode
For loops. Its a very time consuming task to index all your loops to bpm. I understand that sometimes you will get BPMs that are “off” e.g. 99.025 etc. but a maybe that could be sorted out with an option that would go for the nearest whole BPM.

3. Edit/add your own categories/sub categories
For instance, there is not a category named “loop”. There is already a feature where you can add your own “family name” to samples to index them. This would be very much appreciated for other categories/attributes.

4. quicker preview of samples
when browsing samples during playback it would nice to get a fast way to preview it in context with the arrangement. Right now you can hit “space” and it will play out with a delay and you can’t hit it several times in a row (if it makes sense…) without it stopping first.
See e.g. Ableton Live browser.

For #4, someone here on the forum (sorry I don’t recall who) came up with a simple macro to accomplish this.

Create a macro with the following steps:

  1. Media - Preview Stop
  2. Media - Preview Start

Then just assign your macro to a Key Command. Works great for me.

For #3, you have the ability to create as many user attributes as you would like. Once you have created a new user attribute you can create your own values / categories for that new attribute. I find that it takes a little while to get things the way I like, but I prefer them to the default categories because I can limit the values to ones that are relevant to me and I don’t see all of the categories that I would never use.

With that being said, this is just a suggestion as a work-a-round or alternative approach and not intended to dismiss your feature request.

To add to your list, something that has been suggested before that I would love to see is the ability to associate an audio preview with the project files. This way you could hear what the project sounds like before opening it. It would be great for users that have a bunch of projects and can’t always remember them by name or number alone.

That’s what I thought they were talking about as well, but I think they are talking about for example, creating their own ‘Genre’ and ‘Sub-Genre’ categories.

Hi lovegames,

Yes, the OP was definitely asking for custom values within the stock attributes. I just wanted to make sure they were aware of the ability to create their own user attributes and have just add the categories they want for that particular attribute. I actually like using my own user attributes better because I only see the categories that I want when filtering instead of the categories Steinberg came up with.