MediaBay's Reveal in Finder Function Not Working (Mac OS X Version)

Hi folks. Below there is a Mac OS X version related question.

I realized that when I am in the Media Bay, and there is a media there (audio for instance) that I want to open the Finder where it is, when I right click on it and then select Reveal in Finder, nothing happens. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?

Thank you for the attention!

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Do you use any common audio file, or do you click to any file from the internal Cubase library, please?

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Yes! It does happen no matter which file. It happens with WAV, MIDI, etc.

Same exact issue, though I’m in Nuendo (10.2) not Cubase. Mac Monterey 12.5.1. Worth noting, if I choose “reveal in finder” for an audio asset that’s on my local machine it seems to find the file per normal, but anything on an external or networked drive it fails to find (based on a small amount of testing).

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Good point @ncmsound ! Thank you for the input! I didn’t pay attention on that detail! Same here. With Cubase works when the file is in the local drive, but it does not for external hard drive which would be the case since most of my samples remains in my external hard drive.

Confirmed. Reveal in Finder is not working for files on external HD. Mac Ventura


any solutions to this issue? I’m having the same issue
osx 12.6.9 cubase 12


As far as I know, it depends, how is the drive formated.

@keltech , tested on Cubase 13 now and it works!

@Martin.Jirsak , not sure if it is the format since my external hard drive never got formatted and I always used the Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) format. I also have another drive in my router that had to be formatted in a different format then I have in my external hard drive connected directly into my computer, with Cubase 13 both are being shown.

Unless what you said is applicable for Cubase 12 and older versions, then fine.