MediaSeal Compatibility, requirement to work

**** UPDATE May 15, 2019 ***** This issue has been solved, see below ****

Hi everyone. I am hoping someone at Steinberg is listening. Nuendo is not MediaSeal Encryption compatible.

If I can’t use MediaSeal with Nuendo, I have six months to comply with the security requests of my post supervisors at Disney and Universal Studios for the shows I currently work on or I will either have to move to Pro Tools for ADR or lose my job. I want to stay with Nuendo, as a lifetime user! MediaSeal is the gold standard now for how movie studios encrypt their video for post production security.

I consider this a fatal flaw and it will effect my ability to do work with 90% of my clients. Nuendo is not compatible with the MediaSeal Encryption software. I think it has to do with the fact that Nuendo has its own embedded video player rather than using the OS system video player. This is going to be a really hard show stopper for [people like me] the engineers doing post audio and ADR Studios. Disney, Universal Studios, Pixar, FOX, Warner, just to name a few, are all implementing mandatory MediaSeal compliance for copyright protection. Disney started deployment last year.

This week, I received a second request from Universal Studios (to work on Law&OrderSVU) to accept MediaSeal encoded material and had to decline it, forcing their post sup to supply me with a non encoded file, which he was not happy about. MedialSeal is already 100% compatible with ProTools. When he asked why I couldn’t accept it because I didn’t use ProTools but instead, Nuendo, the only ground I had to stand on was my stellar track record with him and the studio. I start a new job with Disney next month, and they also want me to use MediaSeal. I have got them staved off in the short term, but that window will also run out once they stop distributing to theirs subs (me) non MediaSeal encoded video.

The software runs fine and plays all their videos just fine on the computer (windows 10) I run Nuendo on. I can open their files in VLC, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, etc. I cannot open them in Nuendo because it can’t get past the video authentication step, I think. This may sound a little panicked, because it is. If Nuendo wants to stand a chance in the post market it has to accept and work with the new encrypted videos that the big studios are distributing.

Anyway, I hope your’re reading, Steinberg!
Thank you,

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I would also contact Steinberg and Yamaha outside of the forum.

Done. Thanks for the suggestion!

From Fortium’s website:

Can I use any program to access the encrypted files?
Any program on the MediaSeal list of approved applications can access encrypted files. If you need an additional application added to our list please contact

It sounds like they have some sort of filesystem wedge intercepting all I/O such that it’s transparent to the application, but it’s up to them to decide which apps can access the decrypted data.

They have already responded to my request. They are looking into it and so is Steinberg & Yamaha. They all seem to recognize the importance to work together and have responded positively. Hopefully, they will resolve it and get it to work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

+1 and I feel your pain.

This is something SB are going to have to deal with pretty soon.

In another role I work with most of the top studios and they are getting increasingly paranoid about their IP - We get men in suits actually doing site visits to physically audit. As you say it’s increasingly difficult to rely on 20 years of trust alone.

Either you do it the their way or you don’t get the job.

Hope it’s resolved. I also do ADR with those studios and more. Haven’t had one with MediaSeal come my way yet…fingers crossed.

!!! SOLVED !!!

MediaSeal Tech Support team has fixed the issue from their end. They simply had to add the nuendo10.exe to their authentication server white list. I also asked them to add Nuendo8.exe to the list for users who haven’t made the jump to 10, yet. As of this post, I have verified it works on 10.


Thanks for your bulldog dedication.

Does anybody use Nuendo+MediaSeal on Mac? Nuendo doesn’t seem to accept encrypted video files.

Hey everybody,

If you have issues opening MediaSeal files with your Steinberg products, please contact the MediaSeal support team to help you diagnose this. The email to contact is

Kind regards
(MediaSeal Support)