Meet The Users ! ( Artists )

Like everyone else I receive emails from Steinberg about people who use Cubase and other Steinberg products for professional music production. Some of those people have achieved high levels of fame in areas of their interest. I know here on the forum there was one thread where many of the users showed pictures of their studios and recording areas. I found it to be very enlightening, interesting and fun. After all, these are more my peers then someone in a different world of professional music where I am likely, a bystander.

Is there any active thread that shows or describes some of the more than experienced and very talented users on the forum, as to how and why they play or produce music for the genre they do. Some of the more visual users, that may be quite clear.

I know my interests in music as a player are not with today’s relevance. In fact I can’t stand the stuff they call techno. Of course I’m an older guy brought up on the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and jazz greats like Wes Montgomery or Tony Mattola and the like. I guess it would be odd to be digging that other type of music. Kind of like the 75-year-old guy with the plaid pants pulled up to his ribs and a turtleneck sweater trying to pick up a 25-year-old blonde at the bar :slight_smile:

I’m not answering your question.

However, I come from the same time and space continuum.

Stick with your sources of inspiration.

It’s fascinating to consider the wide range of musical genres from various time periods that can be produced in Cubase and other DAW.

Cubase can do it all!

This is a great idea for a new sub-forum! There’s a forum for “Computer Studio Hardware”, but the topics read pretty much identical to the “General” forum.

I’ll start!

Here’s my current home studio setup: