MEGA Sampler of plugin alliance in cubase 12 win 11

How can put sounds from there in my tracs

It looks like there is a VST for the sampler, so you would add it like any other instrument and then load sounds within the Sampler.
I didn’t find it at first because it’s only available with their MEGA bundle which I don’t have.
From the web page:
Online Sample Library
The Plugin Alliance MEGA Sampler is a sample player with an online sample library service built for your DAW. With an ever-growing sample library, easily navigate and find the perfect sounds for your productions. All you need to do is drag and drop a sample from our library into any of the 16 sample slots, which will automatically adapt to the BPM and Master Key of your session!

There is a playlist of videos on the web page for MEGA Sampler that gives you an overview of using it.
MEGA Sampler

Update: I installed the Demo to check it out and it is like I said. It is a VST Instrument that you add like any other (you can see it as an instrument track in the lower left of my screen cap. Then just follow the instructions provided for adding samples.

The ‘Learn’ button provides tutorials, as well.

Not helps this even if you go to you tube video that explains everything by plug-in alliance it only refers to pro tools or … but not cubase thank you for the answer but I’d not as simple you think!

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OK, so it sounds like you are not familiar with installing VST instruments, correct?
Here’s the manual for adding an Instrument Track and selecting a VST Instrument in Cubase:

You can also just drag the instrument you want from the right side pane into the Project View:

MEGA DnD into Cubase2

Sorry I insist.
I did not see yet to how to play on my keyboard the chosen rhythm or pad …I can not see how to import the chosen pad in my track.
I m familiar with vst I do it all the time but I think if you don’t have the MEGA Sampler (that is different way to transfer record in a track)
Why don’t you try the trial vertion of MEGA Sample so you realize yourself it not this the way to do it!

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