Mellotron Plugin Help

Hi, I am after a free Mellotron plugin and have found a few but I noticed being 32 but my Cubase won’t allow it to install and blacklists it. Why is this? And where can I find a 64 bit Mellotron VST plugin that will suit my Cubase LA AI?


Since Cubase 9 (I hope I’m right), Cubase is 64-bit only.

Yes I know Martin, but you did not answer my question. I’m looking for 64 bit VST Mellotron instrument.


Sorry, I replied Cubase related question.

I cannot recommend any because I don’t use it, but what about NI Retro Machines MKII, Arturia Mellotron V, Wavesfactory Newmello I, UVI Mello, G-Force M-Tron Pro, IK SampleTron…?

You could load these sound samples into a sample instrument:-

There’s loads of free sample VST’s, Grace is quite nice and lets you spread samples across the keys easily, which is what you need:-

Other than that you’d need to pay i think, even if you wanted to bridge the 32 bit plugins to run, solutions such as jbridge cost money.

Thanks for your advice and suggestion, especially skijumptoes, your link was the perfect solution. Can you suggest any Hammond B3 free VSTs as well?


I would recommend to use KVRAudio for plug-ins search.

Thank you Martin.
Skyjumptoes - I’ve installed Grace Plugin, but does it come with any samples? There is no samples included in my installation, or have I forgotten to download something else that goes with it?

Ok, I’ve download the Grace Patches, but I have no idea where to unzip the file. It automatically unzipped it to the same location as the installer in Program Files, but I have a feeling this in correct? If so, where do i unzip file to, should it be the VST Plugins folder?

Native instruments Komplete Start is free and that has organs I believe. Has plenty of instruments that you may use in fact and is a very good freebie.

As for Grace, as it’s a sampler instrument you load the samples or presets via the plug in so up to you where you store them. I’d create a folder especially for them, unzip there, and you can organize how works best.

Then simply load from that location within the Plugin. If you’ve not used a sampler before it may require a little bit of learning. However, you open up to a load of free content as you can use raw sample packs which are very easy to find.

How do you remove a plugin from the Blacklist so it can be installed into my VST plugin folder? It is a 64 bit plugin yet Cubase has blacklisted it!

You just attempt to reactivate it again.

See here:-

I have version 9.5 LE AI

Doesn’t reactivating your account mean you loose all your saved projects in Cubase and everything else? I don’t think this is good advice. Someone suggested I do this a few years back with a previous Cubase version, and I did it and lost everything!! Not going to take that chance again.


Reactivating eLicenser is needed, when the Soft-eLicenser Number changes. What happens if you change the system (reinstall it), or if you get a new system-drive (mostly switch from HDD to SSD) or if you switch to new computer.

Cubase settings is stored in the preferences folder, which you can transfer to the new installation

Reactivating account?! No that’s something entirely different.

You need to reactivate the blacklisted Plugin so that it can be used.

Plugins need to pass a validation scan before they can be used (to prevent unwanted issues) when they fail this validation they become blacklisted. So all you’re doing is giving that Plugin validation a retry. It has nothing to do with your steinberg account.


I see, I was totally out of topic. :smiley:

Thanks for this very good advice! Is there any good Hammond type sound included with Halion SE?