Melodyne 4 monitoring notes(bulbes) like Vari-Audio ?

one thing i don’t like in melodyne is when auditioning note,it plays only the beginning of the note with synthesized character, in Vari-Audio when auditioning note it plays the all note from beginning to end.
is there a setting in melodyne to change that to Vari-audio style ?

I can’t remember exactly, but in Melodyne, if you click and hold towards the end of the blob (right-hand edge) it will play the full length of the note; in summary - clicking anywhere on the blobs, it will play from the start of the blob, to that point…

BTW; one other great thing about Melodyne is, the note will continue to play (sound) as you click and drag the blobs up or down in pitch. This is something VariAudio cannot do and would really benefit from…

Good luck…!

Thanks, it works as u described indeed

Vari-Audio does that too,just make sure the acoustic pitch feedback(the speaker icon on top left of the editor) is engaged. (if that’s what you meant )

Great to hear…!

Thanks… I didn’t explain myself very well; yes, I do use the acoustic feedback button in VA. But, as you click and move it, the note only sounds once for the length of the segment, then stops. In Melodyne, the ‘blob’ continues to play for as long as you hold the mouse down - it only stops when you release the mouse button.

Now, this is particularly brilliant when you are doing a manual (free-form) move towards a pitch and you use your ear to judge when you’ve brought a note ‘near-enough’, to taste… You continue to hear the change in pitch you are making, as you move the blob…! Its a wonderfully satisfying workflow. :slight_smile:

Yes, Melodyne really does have some aces up its sleeve over VA. Mind, I’d still vote that SB continue to develop VA further, over incorporating the ARA tech of Celemony’s, into Cubase - something I read many others would rather happen… :wink: