Melodyne and Track Versions issue

Melodyne (ARA mode) does not correctly preserve its state when switching track versions. It can be most clearly seen on the key and chord settings, for instance.


  1. Put Melodyne on a selected audio event in a track.
  2. Change the key of the track in Melodyne - for example, change the tonic from C to A so that C Major becomes A Minor.
  3. Create a new track version for the given track.
  4. Return to the previous track version (v1) and reopen Melodyne.

What is happening: our change in the key of the track in Melodyne is gone.
What is expected: our change in Melodyne should be preserved when changing track versions.

Tested with Melodyne Studio 5.1 and Cubase Pro 11.0. Can anybody confirm this issue, please?


Ha, I have just found out that this issue has been already reported for Cubase 10 ( So, it seems this has not been fixed yet :frowning: