Melodyne ARA2 Issue

I select an audio part/event and then goto Audio/Extensions/Melodyne.

Melodyne opens and the blobs are displayed (but sometimes not!).

I make some edits and close the Melodyne window with [X].

Then I decide to make another edit of the same section so select the audio part/event and then goto Audio/Extensions - but this time ‘Melodyne’ can not be selected. ‘Remove Extension from Selected Events’ has to be selected which wipes out the previous edits!

So how is it possible to go back to Melodyne ARA2 to continue work on the same section?

Note: I’ve just noticed that even if a different part/event on the same track is selected the only option available is ‘Remove Extension from Selected Events’.

Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to function, or are there problems with this?

I’m back using Melodyne as an Insert again - it works!

You’re supposed to start the extension only once on a given audio event. Once you’ve started the extension you can go back to it any time you want by double-clicking the audio event (the editor should open when you do this).

Ah - that makes sense… I’ll try it.


That works, thanks. However, I’ve given up using the ARA2 version as it does not seem to work well for me. I’m back using the original Melodyne Studio-4 version which does actually work properly.