Melodyne as track Extension - not showing output in mixer

Hi there -
Apologies, this is a probably a really obvious thing but I can’t figure it out…

Cubase 12 and running Melodyne as an extension on a track. When I do so, the output from the track fails to show in the mixconsole metering (although still audible / responding to faders etc.). Is there some secondary bit of routing I need to do that I’ve missed to get the audio back from Melodyne…?

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Are you saying that you start off with an Audio Track with Audio on it that also displays a Channel in the MixConsole - but then you add Melodyne as an Extension to the Audio and after you do that the Channel in the MixConsole disappears?

No, it stays as a visible channel in the mixconsole - but the meter doesn’t display any output. Sorry - i wasn’t very clear!

Can you post screenshots of

  1. The Track’s Inspector
  2. The Channel Settings Window for the channel

Yet, you can still hear it? That is pretty odd.

Sorry for delayed response - was away from the mac.
Yeah - that’s right. So in this case Lead VX 2, i can hear the output but nothing is showing on the meter. If i turn the melodyne extension off, the meter responds…


follow up with second screenshot, as new users can only have one it seems :slight_smile:

I was hoping something odd would be apparent in the screenshots, but they seem fine.

What happens if you Solo your Lead VX Track? Do you still hear but not see the audio? Also do you see a signal on Stereo Out? I’m wondering if somewhere within the Extension world the audio is getting routed elsewhere. You might also try Muting all the other (i.e. not Lead VX) Channels one by one to see if one of them has the signal you are hearing.

Yeah, so if I solo it, there’s no meter on the LEAD VX track, but it does show on stereo out and I can still hear it… Weird…?

Are you using Melodyne with the Audio on any other Tracks too? I’m wondering if it is somehow sending the audio from one Track to a different Track. What happens if you make every Channel in the MixConsole visible - do you see the signal on any meter that’s upstream from Stereo Out.

I was using it on a couple of the backing vx tracks too. They’re also not showing on the meter…
So, just for elimination, i removed melodyne from the track, and the metering returned. I then added spectralayers as an extension instead, and again the metering vanished…

All other tracks are showing up fine in the meter… Is there something I’m fundamentally misunderstanding about how extensions work…?

I don’t think so. It’s always worked the way you expect it for me.

Since this also happens with SpectraLayers that implies it’s not Melodyne.

Are you running the latest version of 12? Also if you have an older version of Cubase installed what happens if you open the Project in it?

Yeah - I’m on 12.0.40 on Apple Silicon. I only just moved to cubase from Logic so don’t have any previous versions to compare to.

I’ll try and replicate it building another project and report back…

Thanks for your help with this!

When Melodyne is used on tracks as extension the meters will only show the levels when set to postfader. I think that is the problem with Cubase not having a metering pre fader/after insert. Only gain metering or post fader/post pan. I suspect the Melodyne extension sits somewhere after the gain but before the inserts.

But Melodyne ARA and Cubase 12 are a terrible mess in many ways.

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Yes, ARA (among other things) is quite messy in Cubase. Been complaining about the missing metering forever but Steinberg don’t seem to care. When basic feature malfunctions are ignored I feel it’s time to move on.