melodyne chord track

My understanding is that cubase does not have a way to analyze chords or keys from audio tracks, is that right? I know that melodyne 5 has the ability to analyze chords and keys. Is there a way to create a chord track or chord in cubase from melodyne’s chord track? I know you can use cubase’s chord track to control melodyne, but can you do it the opposite way? Thanks!

As of now it is only one direction Cubase Chords to Melodyne. Hopefully we’ll get the other direction too.

I haven’t actually tried this, but you could have Melodyne generate MIDI data from the audio and then use those MIDI Parts to generate Chords in Cubase. When Melodyne ARA first arrived Melodyne couldn’t access the Cubase Chord Track, so I did the opposite and dragged the Chords onto a Piano Track, rendered that and then used the audio for Melodyne to analyze and make Chords from. Worked fine, but a lot easier now.