Melodyne Editor necessary...

Is Melodyne Editor necessary or can i do the following in cubase 10? Melodyne Editor can extract midi from polyphonic audio files and then export that to your daw. Now as far as i know, melodyne is the only software that can do this. But then i thought i should probably ask on here if Cubase can do the same in some way or an other before i buy melodyne. And if so, how?

Thank you.

No, Cubase can’t do it.
Although Melodyne is not the only software for that purpose. I think Ableton can extract midi from polyphonic audios too

Indeed at the moment Cubase can only do monophonic audio to MIDI.

i hear Studio one can do it too, is that true?

Studio 1 uses melodyne to do this AFAIK


That’s what i assumed. But I’m wondering if that function comes included with S1. I’ll investigate this on my side but if anyone knows let me know.

Thanks all.

edited: I’m pretty sure you need melodyne editor to do that in S1.

Looks like you can extract chord from Audio track in Studio One 4 without the need for melodyne. Shown at the beginning of the video below.