Melodyne edits

This problem has happened twice on 2 separate projects:
Vocal events were edited with the Melodyne extension.
When opening the project after a few days, the events are empty - no sound.
If I open the event with the Melodyne extension, the data (blobs) are gone…
I have not unloaded the Melodyne extension after editing the vocals.

How do I recover these? It is very painful to have to perform the edits again - which I did the first
time it happened but now it’s happened again…
Do I have to render-in-place every time?

No one knows where the Melodyne edits are stored???

jsut a quick suggestion - next time maybe use a temporary project to test just a couple of edits, save and restart the project, till you are sure it works

Well, that’s what I did with 2-3 projects - saved, quit, startup C10.5 several times…
Couple of days later, 2 project’s had their edit’s missing. urrgh!

If i remember well(i don’t use Melodyne anymore) you can route the edits to the cubase projectfolder. I always had the editfolder in the same songproject fo,der.
Maybe in the settings in Melodyne this was. It was easy that far i still remember.