Melodyne Essential - Included with Cubase Pro 12?

I’m somewhat confused. I thought Melodyne Essential comes with CBP 12 which I bought a few days ago. So far, I can’t locate Melodyne Essential anywhere in Cubase or for download from Steinberg. Would someone kindly clarify? Tnx.

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No, Melodyne essential isn´t included. Cubase comes with it´s own variaudio. Also stripped down version of Spectral layers is included. Maybe you got confused somehow

Hi @BJ_Dobbs,

your assumption isn’t entirely wrong, and here’s what’d really happened:

there was indeed a promotional campaign by Steinberg - named “Cubase Sale 2022” - in cooperation with four partner audio companies, beginning in early September 2022.

Among them was a limited time offer (30 days) by Celemony for Steinberg ID holders - all five campaign vouchers for Cubase Pro users only - to also acquire a free license for Melodyne 5 essential (there were also vouchers for free plug-ins by Arturia, Acoustica Audio, Softube, as well as a free license for Steinberg’s own Amped Electra).

An opportunity which I’d decided to make use of, despite the four additional (and mandatory) website registrations which turned out to be a bit time consuming, including the installations of their specific software utilities (luckily, none of them ever interfere with any other software and they do work well, as intended). During two additional sales campaigns by Celemony I then went through upgrading to Melodyne 5 assistant and to (currently) Melodyne 5 editor (all in all, I’d paid ca. 42% of the listed retail price, up to the current license).

Oh, and congratulations for your decision to get Cubase Pro. A lot of good things are possible with it, and there’s also a certain learning curve. If you encounter any problems, just ask in this Cubase related user forum. We always try to help out each other as good as we can.

Best wishes,

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As far as I can tell the built-in VariAudio does everything that Melodyne Essential does and more.


Is he though? Can it correct note by note as Melodyne can?

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Go to YouTube, search for Cubase Variaudio.

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