Melodyne Essentials, crash dump included


I hope I get some response regarding the following issue. Using Melodyne Essentials (latest version 5.3.1) is impossible. Cubase 12 and everything up to date. Except for EZdrummer I have no other third party plugins.

I have been trying to edit one track with 5 seperate clips (seperate wave files).

  • First attempt by the time I reached clip 3, the first and second suddenly became blank and silent.
  • Second attempt I reached the last clip but the others became completely silent.
  • Third attempt I tried to edit it as one wave file on a track level. I made it till the end of the file but after edit Cubase crashed upon closing with a dmp file. Restarting gave me included message. I also included the dmp file. I tried to analyze it with “WinDbg Preview” but could not draw any conclusion.

I tried the same kind of edits in Reaper and Pro Tools Intro. Not a single problem in these two daws!?? Someone else here who could point me in the right direction. Anyone else having these experiences with Melodyne in Cubase 12. All input is highly appreciated.
Cubase 64bit 2023.3.1 (461.4 KB)