I am new to this forum and I am loving CUBASE AI.

I was wondering if it is possible to use MELODYNE ESSENTIALS with CUBASE AI.
The newest CUBASE AI update shows that it adds ARA support but im not sure if that means
MELODYNE will work with CUBASE AI.

Many thanks to anyone who has any info on this subject.

Hi and welcome,

See the compare edition article, please. Here you will find ARA 2 support is in Cubase Pro only. So I’m sorry, you can’t use Melodyne in Cubase AI as ARA plug-in, but you can use it as common VST plug-in.

Thanks for the reply Martin Jirsak.

I am still a little unclear if I could use MELODYNE ESSENTIAL as it was meant to be used.

If MELODYNE ESSENTIAL will work as a common vst plug in,
does that mean I can use MELODYNE ESSENTIAL normally for its intended use?

Many thanks for any additional info.


Yes, you can use it. The only one problem is, you have to “record” the audio signal to Melodyne first. If you would use it as ARA plug-in, you would get the signal to Melodyne instantly.

Many thanks Martin.

I think I will go ahead and get MELODYNE ESSENTIAL.


Is there Melodyne Essential Trial version available from the vendor website? I would recommend to try before buy, if possible.

That’s a good idea to try before I buy.
I will look into trying a demo version first.

I was in error when I said CUBASE AI had ARA support, I was looking at the wrong update I think.

I downloaded the MELODYNE ESSENTIAL DEMO and it seems to be working fine.

This is most excellent!
Going to try it out for about a week to make sure it will stay working properly.
Will report back as to let the forum know how this works.

Thanks for your help Martin. :smiley: