Melodyne in ARA causes delayed playback

using multiple ARA instances of Melodyne results in a considerable playback delay of that part. although when rendering the ARA edited part the delay does disappear.
but this makes it impossible to work multiple parts in ARA Melodyne.
please FIX IT!!!

How many do you call multiple?
All on same track or on how many multiple tracks?
Hard to try and reproduce without a number


sorry for the late response.
here the test setup:
open new project
import any audio (voc track/phrase)
duplicate track
bounce duplicated clip (now you have 2 identical audio files but each a discrete file of its own) playback is in sync
select both clips and open in ARA Melodyne
result: delay between both files on playback
remove Melodyne: no delay

Very clear instructions but here both playback spot on in time.