Melodyne integration - Cubase

Anybody has experience with melodyne as extension on audio track in cubase? When I finish with tuning my track I would like to simply bounce a tuned track like I did with variaudio before. But It doesn t work, also there is a mess with track versions, for example if you want to keep track with included meelodyne edits and after that create new track version that you want to bounce that edits does not work. Also you can not overdub track wit melodyne edits with new lane becase it wont be muted.
Plus track fade in-out handels wont work on melodyne edits. On my opinion it would be fair we get finished functions we payed for cause there are already many other older half implemented modules in cubase. Please Steinberg do less and more polished new things and not half products. I am user since 95’ thats why Im critical, Im paying 25 years for your updates so please do something also for your old faithful costumers!

I have Melodyne 5 Studio but haven’t had the time to play around with it too much. I assume that you use Melodyne as extension (since you mention that in you question) and not as an Insert.

You say that bounce doesn’t work - in what way? (bounce works for me)
Track versions work for me.
Track fade-in and fade-out work if you do it before attaching Melodyne to the Audio event. I agree that it should work also after having attached Melodyne.

I get over the problems with melodyne by render in place and then track versions. Don’t have the problems you seem to be having with track versions and melodyne. I did have some initially - maybe in C10 i think it was.

Bounce does not work when you have Melodyne attached as extension to audio track part.
Only solution is to do render in place so you get new track, than you have to copy content back to source track, delete empty rendered track and than create new track version as you want to keep your track history. That operations are all unnecesary if ARA would be implemented to behave as variaudio for example.

You say that bounce doesn’t work - in what way? (bounce works for me)

Yep, i always use bounce to flatten events in melodyne too.

That is good, I ll check it tomorrow again, cause if its true then it is also possible to work with track versions!