Melodyne integration with ARA??

Hello, Steinbergers
Is it planed to integrate Melodyne’s ARA technology with its direct DAW interaction into Nuendo?
Studio One, Sonar, Samplitude, Mixcraft and Tracktion support ARA, already.
With ARA it is such a breeze to perform Melodyne multitrack editing within the DAW.

Cheers, Big K

Please use search

Oh, well, I did not see that.
Anyhow, my question goes straight to Steinberg developers and marketing.

I do work with ARA on Studio One and, like others mentioned already, I do so mainly for the use of ARA.
The ease of using Melodyne through that link is a great time and trouble safer.
If anybody needs liaison to Celemony… my studio is about 4 km away from them and I know a few of them personally.


Postby soundpeaks_net » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:48 am
What can make ARA that can not make next version of VST standart?
Because some devs doesn’t want to port their algorithms on VST technology that doesn’t mean mountain should go
to Muhammad.Melodyne looks like a game for X-Box, elusively for x-box to make it popular.
That doesn’t mean weall should buy an x-box (yes, implementing ARA will be like buying x-box).

To soundpeak…
Please, elaborate on your text. I do not get the sense of it.

Cheers, Big K

I meant ARA is nothing special, why Celemony don’t want make a VST plugin? They want to drag people to Studio One.

ARA is an enhancement to other plugin standards like VST. It is not a replacement. Steinberg seems to prefer to set their own standards. They will have their reasons for that.

There’s no simple decisions in a complex questions. We should consider legacy.

Complete rubbish. Celemony provide a perfectly good VST plugin edition of Melodyne. A VST3 compliant edition too.

@Puma0382 so isn’t it good enough so people don’t ask ARA?

The VST3 Melodyne does what it is suppose to do well, but the implementation to the DAW is deeper and has more possibilities.
This is quite informative:

First you need to understand how they are fundamentally different technologies (ARA and VST). Then, you’ll answer all your own questions… It’ll be fun.! :slight_smile:

Oh, I see that @Big K has done a nice job in helping point you to some great info - you don’t have to lift a finger; sit back and enjoy - even more fun.! :smiley:

(and of course, all this is doing is keeping the topic at the head of the queue - maybe that’s the real point… :mrgreen: )