melodyne not functioning as plugin process on events ?

i use melodyne editor(latest update) with Nuendo 6.5 and cubase 8.0.10
as a plugin insert on a track is OK on nuendo(have some problem with C8)

i want to use the other method . to use it as plugin process on an audio clip, but seems melodyne not functioning well that way, it cant pick up the melody and analyse it !

it works like that very well with auto-tune 5.
is there some setting i miss or melodyne can’t work like that by design ?

You have to play the track to melodyne after clicking the transfer button, it doesn’t work live like a normal plug in. That said Melodyne and Cubase don’t get on too well together these days - lots of crashes - I’ve given up using it as variaudio 2 gives me 80% of what I wanted out of Melodyne.

it works well with nuendo 6.5 on the insert. which is the normal way and recommended way of working with the vst version of melodyne.
but what im trying to achieve is process it on the events(from the audio menu->plugins,
so normally i choose a plugin for the event, let say auto-tune5 i click the relevant button on auto-tune to sample the audio, then click the preview button and it starts sampling the audio event, then i can fix the tuning and click the process button and the event is done and ready.

but with melodyne its not working like that, i do click the “transfer” button then preview it peaks the audio but don’t analyse it to notes.

as for cubase 8 Pro, melodyne makes problem also with the normal way when inserted to the insert slot. when play in melodyne editor it plays normally and all of sudden, the cursor goes slow with no sound !