Melodyne not transfering audio

I’m not sure if this is just my computer…

For some reason Melodyne will load and open existing projects, but in Cubase 7.01 it will not Transfer new audio for editing.

I haven’t had time to troubleshoot conditions, specifically… here is the setup I’ve encountered this:
64 bit Cubase 7.01, Mac OS 10.7.5, Melodyne 2.1.0 (VST 3, 64 bit). I’ve tried enabling and disabling all other plugins, as well as enabling and disabling Audio Guard… No difference. Hit the Transfer button in Melodyne and it responds by lighting up, but no audio is transferred.

If anyone else is having this issue, please confirm so I don’t keep thinking I’ve done something unbelievably stupid and just can’t find my error. (Although I’ve used Melodyne and Cubase together for years without ever encountering this.)


Melodyne 2.1.0 64 bit.
Working fine here on Windows 7 64 bit

Is an audio file created in the folder it’s configured for?