Melodyne not working via ARA

I can get Melodyne 4.2.4 (latest) to load as an extension just fine, but the track is then silent, there is no sound during blob edits, and there is no cursor following the track when the timeline is playing the other tracks. Set to 32-bit and all to no avail. Showstopper for me.

Not sure what’s causing your issue, but you aren’t missing much. Melodyne via ARA2 is crippled. No crossfading between clips or clip gain which makes vocal comping pretty much impossible. I’m back to using melodyne as an insert until they fix this…
Maybe that’s some consolation?

Ha! Yes, that’s some comfort, of an odd sort. I DID get it to work, though – of course, by reinstalling Nuendo. Voila! Strange.
Thank you for responding, G.

Is this a steinberg specific ARA issue re the limitations or ARA in general with melodyne? Just that one of the actual reasons I am looking to do a part migration to Steinberg is ARA (I am in pro tools and will still use that for most projects where I don’t need melodyne).


TNM, I think my issue was a fluke. Reinstalling Nuendo fixed it. It works just fine now. I use it in Sonar/Cakewalk all the time, too, and really like it.


I use revoice pro the most, which has ARA capability now… I do have melodyne 4 studio also but I only use it for polyphonic DNA as I really have never been all that jazzed with it for anything else, I prefer to just use variaudio :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks again for letting me know, the Nuendo crossgrade sale price still seems top be in effect, so i’ll get that from my C9.5, use Cubase 10.5 demo for a month to learn all the new features, use PT for a month after that, then activate N10 in April when 10.5 is due out :slight_smile: Cheers

I started having the exact problems above in Cubase Pro 10.5 after Melodyne WAS working fine. I finally realized that I had inadvertently applied the extension to several clips beyond the ones I was intending to work on. I’ve always used Melodyne on a collection of the myriad clips that result after comping, but I’ve taken to bouncing these together into a whole verse or chorus and then applying the Melodyne extension. This helps me keep better track of which part of the piece I’m working on and doesn’t seem to be too much of a load for the computer.