Melodyne Studio 4 Issue

I was a long time user of Melodyne Editor and recently upgraded to Melodyne 4 Studio version. I am now experiencing a problem. Simply put after installing the Studio 4 upgrade all works as expected the first time only. If I load another project and try to use it a second time, the transfer light will light up, but it will not analyze the data and break it out into polyphonic “blobs”. I am left with a solid blob on the pitch of A4.

Anyone else?


I haven’t had that happen myself. Are you sure you are looking at the track you are sending to Melodyne?

I found the multiple track editing a bit strange to begin with. Actually I don’t even bother. I like to keep them separate.

Will be looking forward to hearing what you find though. Best to ya!

Sounds like the wrong algorithm is set… try changing to melodic…? (Though, just a thought - you’ve probably checked that already)

this happened to me before with the pitch in 1 line. then i used another audio file and it worked.
my guess for u is either the algorithm (for ex universal) or melodyne cant detect the pitch

Thank you all for the responses. Turns out user error. While I had registered Studio 4 with a element I hadn’t realized I needed to download a new license to my ILok. I had assumed the Melodyne Editor license would be the one I use.

So, I downloaded a new license and all is working.

Nice! :slight_smile: