Meltdown/Spectre Patches Performance Hit?


Did anyone measure if there’s a performance hit after applying all your OS and BIOS updates for the meltdown / spectre vulnerabilities?

I read that especially for applications with a lot of system activity like disk I/O (samples, recording, sound libraries) there seems to be a significant hit after updates. I’ve seen a benchmark for image processing where there is a lot of saving andpaging going on I guess? It measured 20% less performance. I can only imagine it’s worse for audio and video editors as there’s even more I/O going on?

From what I’ve read it’s been mostly disk I/o that’s suffered and mostly in extreme cases, using SSD or NVME m.2 drives. Most DAW users shouldn’t see a performance drop in real life.

On the other hand it seems that Intel didn’t put out great BIOS patches so there’s probably more to come, which could mean worse performance. For us AMD users the only patch we’ve seen so far that’s actually been distributed is the Windows patch.