Memory (Cats)

Hello guys,

here is our arrangement of Memory from Cats (the musical). It was quite challening to mix all those acoustic guitars together. I am not so sure about the result, so please tell me, what you think. The bass is just playing on low strings with cut off highs and percussions are made with hand beating the wood of the guitar :smiley:

I think you both were very brave to attempt (rather successfully!) something like this, Klara’s vocal is beautiful, clear, and up front, not mixed behind a lot of ‘noise’, the same could be said about your guitar playing/sound.

I’m an old rocker, not fan of Mr Webber, :wink: but one has to give credit where it’s due, lovely work by both of you. :sunglasses:

Thank you! It is very important for me to read such a thing, since I do all my mixes by myself.

The vocals, the acoustic and the percussion, all are perfectly put together.