I have a question about to clear up memory space on my S23 ultra. I just downloaded the halion collection and im already getting a low memory error on my first track. Maybe its a cache issue.

Close backround apps,restart device… thats always a thing…

Did you try the “ram plus” feature? That might help

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Yes, I currently use an extra 8 gb on the ram plus feature. I have a button that clears cache of all apps and optimizes the phone on my home screen and I press it every time before i open a big app like Call of Duty or Cubase. I constantly press it any way.

I have the 256gb model, and i current have about 100 gb of free space. I went into the Cubasis’ specific app settings and cleared the cache.

I am using usb c headphones so theres no latency there.

I have also turned off power saving mode, because it was limiting the cpu speed to 70%.

I also have my phone restart every night and do updates.

Im trying to think, but thats pretty much all ive done. Thank you!

Galaxy store > install “Good Guardians”… after that get the good guardians app called “galaxy app booster” and run it… it will make some apps run smoother.

Hey I have no doubt that this is an Android issue. Or an issue of the specific tablet you use. I can run 102 instruments from Helion sonic selection with low latency and no clicking and crackling on a iPad Pro m2 with 8 gb of Ram. Sounds like a memory leak on the tablet or the Android version of cubasis.