Meno mosso

Applying meno mosso and poco meno mosso to my score causes it to speed up which is the reverse what I was expecting.
Is there a setting somewhere to correct this?

No, I’m afraid not as yet. This has been on our hit list for a while but it’s a little bit more involved to fix than you might imagine, so we’ve not yet addressed it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Can anyone suggest an alternative (apart from exact metronome marks) that would have the same effect.
Great news about version 4 by the way!

I’m afraid probably a hidden tempo mark is the way to go, Joe, unsatisfactory as it undoubtedly is.

If you input a tempo mark with text that doesn’t include “mosso”, even just “blarg”, you can then use the Properties panel to update the text you want to display. Dorico won’t “recognise” the “mosso” entry then.

Many thanks. That gives me the way to go.