mental newbie: can you add programs/sounds to SE 3 ?

I find this stuff a bit daunting… I am using Halion Sonic SE3 in Cubase and I’m wondering if there are ‘expansion packs’ or extra programs… or do you call it ‘sounds’, which i can add to my VST.
In Halion, i’m loading ‘programs’ which in my old Synth days… were called ‘patches’.
i dont know if i can add more programs to my halon database… Are they called programs ??? or are they instrument sets ?
Anything i see in the shop should sounds and loops to drag into your tracks… but i dont see any instrument packs like i see for a plugin like Retrologue… etc…
If there are programs… can anyone give me the steps ?
I will be 67 next week, and i think my neutrons may be getting tired…


Yes, it is a somewhat confusing marketing terminology, but the short answer is that there is precious little available that you can add to HSSE in the line of synth sounds.

The full version of HALion 6 can be used to create “VST Sound Instrument Sets” which is a package of one or more “patches” with everything needed to play them, however there is currently only a very small emerging market for these. The bottom line is, HALion has a lot of catching up to do on the market leader, Native Instruments’ Kontakt. I think it will take time before people start creating additional sounds for HSSE, if ever.

In the shop at the moment, you’ve got likes of The Grand and HALion Symphonic Orchestra, which are confusingly listed under “VST Instruments” even though they are content sets which use HSSE as the player (i.e. the actual VSTi), and even more confusingly then there are the relatively new “HALion Instruments” listed here.

Maybe someone from Steinberg will come along to explain why this is all so confusing – it’s not due to “neutron” fatigue on your part!