Menu AND window title bar in project window - Cubase 13

They always say be careful what you wish for :slight_smile:

The new window handling system is better is some respect but now when you enable the menu bar in the project window, which is the best place for it IMO, you actually get two bars. The window title bar and the menu bar - loosing more precious screen estate than previously.

Would be good if these two bars could be combined


Of course as you know, that’s how Windows windows display works.

You can do this with ahk though. It only makes sense for maximized windows though (or windows you won’t move) – this just gets rid of the title bar.

!o::WinSet, Style, ^0xC00000, A  ; //Toggle the active window's title bar (WS_CAPTION)


yep - that’s how Windows menu/title bars work - although whatever SB did on c12 and lower didn’t do this - was just a single bar with menu + title

(and yep I know this is why they got themselves is a bit of a mess in the window handling in those versions :slight_smile: )

one step forward etc etc etc

Yeah, that was the problem – using non-standard methods.


fwiw - in Resolve , in full screen mode, I don’t have the title bar like your screengrab, just the menu bar, in black.

so it does seem to be possible to do this properly within the proper window framework ?

Non-standard methods aren’t the issue. This is proven with how Mozilla Firefox functions as they have combined the Title Bar and the Menu Bar without any negative consequences.

So if they can then Steinberg can too.



@DitaminV I was referring to the problem on C11 and earlier.

Oh okay. But Firefox is in essence using a non-standard method too, since they are condensing two usual GUI bars into one. I like it though and think it resolves the issue.

What api framework are they using?

Not sure, you’d have to dig. I know they use their own in house thing called XUL for some GUI work though.

My point is that they don’t use the one Steinberg uses, so the comparison isn’t really salient to this question.

It really isn’t a question though.

C12 had both integrated into one bar… so it isn’t like they haven’t had it that way before. The technical side isn’t our problem, that’s Steinbergs to sort out.

You or I don’t have to know the in’s or out’s of how the software works. We just get to suggest what it should do and it is up to them to figure out how to make that happen.


I’m not trying to debate with you. My point is that the non-standard methods SB used previously was changed to one that follows Windows guidelines, and that has provided several benefits. In the mean time, the menu now has the color of standard menus in Windows.

All this simply to say, users should simply make the feature request, and support it, and the devs will figure out how to make it so.

Steinberg doesn’t have to give us two unique bars following Windows guidelines.

My point is this integration has already been accomplished, as I’ve pointed out with Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird applications and, in part, in Cubase 12. So the proof of concept is there. It can work in the matter the OP suggested and still behave as any other Windows application.

User: Please add KeyCommand - Show/Hide Menu bar.
Devs: Okay, wait a minute!
User: Thank you! You are the best!

Yeah, I think using standard methods is for the best now. Steinberg should stick with this approach for now.

Hi @steve,

Would you, please, enlighten us about all those “benefits” that no one else, except Steingberg sees in the following of the stupid Microsoft guidelines about the Title and Menu Bars? :slight_smile:
I suppose most of us don’t care about that we could have a separate color for the Menu bar?! Instead we prefer the older combined single Menu/Title bar which saved vertical space. I see no real benefits of having Title and Menu bars on top of each other, but only wasting of working space. :slight_smile:
As we all know, Windows isn’t an example for stable, or well designed (UI) OS. In these two aspects Mac OS, any Linux and FreeBSD ( & FreeBSD based) OSes are far ahead, especially with the Gnome Desktop (the best ever designed). Unfortunately none of the Steinberg products supports Linux, or BSD…

I don’t mind the decision to follow such a terrible guidelines, if Steinberg provide us an option to switch to a Single Menu/Title bar . :slight_smile:
I know that I can Hide/Show the Menu Bar, but I need it more than the Title Bar.
Also I don’t want Steinberg to force me to install AutoHotkeys just to fix this situation.
The vertical screen space is even more precious when working on a laptop.
I don’t want Steinberg to become just another sheep in the flock to follow the stupid shepherd. :slight_smile:

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This post is simple provocation. full stop.

Your snide tone, with “mitigating” emojis, do not diminish the odiousness of your hubristic argumentativeness.

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Are you a hired to advocate Steinberg and protect them? :slight_smile:
Please, don’t accept my opinion personally. I have nothing against you, even I don’t know you as a person. The criticism of mine is towards the Cubase team as a team.
Many times I’ve read the word “benefits” regarding this decision, but except the color difference, nothing else were mentioned as beneficial. :slight_smile:
If you know something more, that isn’t obvious to the rest of us, just share it.
Yes I have strong enough arguments against that decision made by Steinberg. Unfortunately still I haven’t seen a good ones in support. Only the color differentiation and “This is the Windows guidelines”.
When someone makes such serious changes, there should be serious arguments behind the decision.
I don’t know which OS is your primary, but in case you don’t have any experience with the Gnome Desktop, you could just make a Ubuntu Linux Live USB stick and try it. Clear design, nothing wastes space that could be used for something more important…
This Windows convention about the Title and Menu bar is something that I’m “fighting” for to be changed in Dorico, as well. I gave them Cubase as a good example for well designed title/menu bar that saves space… but unfortunately the Cubase team took the same bad decision to follow the Windows…

P.S: I have asked for an improvement that will save even more vertical space, inspired by Pro Tools - An option to invoke the Automation lanes directly over the main Track Event. The team did exactly the opposite instead, without a meaningful reason.