Menu Bar too small

Hi. The Menu Bar text in Cubase 12 is so small. Is there anything that can be done to enlarge it or even make it bold? Windows 11. Thank You

What is your screen resolution?

Hi and thank you

Screen rez is 3840 X 2160. Scaling 125%. 43" monitor.

I’m running full 4k on a 32” screen and the menus look good to me. I’m not using any scaling. Definitely wouldn’t be using at 43”?

I have a 32 inch 4K, and Windows 11 recommends a scaling of 150%
Furthermore, I use this Preference:
Menus are ‘normal’ and readable.
Maybe you could experiment with the windows settings. (Must say, your screen must be extremely large )

I prefer not to use scaling as you lose screen area and it always looks better at native resolution. I have glasses for computer work and they work perfectly at the distance I am from my monitor at full non scaled resolution.

So you know about scaling and HiDPI already. I think there is nothing else you can do.


Thanks to all who responded with comments.

The menu bar is better now.

Windows Display setting
3840 x 2160
Windows Scaling is 150%

HiDPI enabled
Application Scaling 25%