menu fonts no longer as crisp as Vs9

Hi all,

I just upgraded from 9 to 10pro and first thing I notice is that the fonts on the popups and menus are no longer as sharp and crisp as my previous version(s), anyone know why this might be, does 10 use some other font or something?

Might be worth mentioning the fonts everywhere else in windows haven’t changed and remain very clean and sharp.



You’re on Windows I guess? I had this too when I first upgraded from 9 to 10. Changing ClearType settings didn’t fix this either. Changed back to smooth fonts by itself somehow. Still don’t know why, but I had the same Problem with Affinity Photo once too.

Yes windows 10 you’re right. Well I’m glad someone else has noticed it too, maybe it just hasn’t bothered other people so much but we just have an eye for detail! lol

I hope mine magically changes back to smooth fonts by itself like yours did sometime soon. However it would be nice to know what causes this if anyone has any theories?

Is Hires turned on or off in Cubase ?

This can be a strange one, based on what I’ve read from others. I use a pair of FHD (1920x1080) panels with only the integrated Intel graphics and have had no problems with HiDPI either on or off. Others report that C10 for them is almost unusable compared to C9. It seems to be mainly on Windows (which itself is still struggling with high resolution screens) and it may be related to specific graphics hardware and drivers.

The issues are also compounded by some plugins that can’t handle high resolutions.

In terms of high resolution graphics on Windows, be careful what you ask for. If you’re thinking of upgrading from a 28" FHD to a 28" UHD it may seem like a massive increase in screen “real estate”, but you’ll probably have to scale the UHD to 200% in order to be able to actually see anything, so in the end, the physical size will in fact remain the same, but you will have introduced lots of potential problems with applications and plugins while Microsoft and developers all struggle to get their heads around the marvellous hardware that we could only have dreamt about a few years ago.

(PS I have C10 but still on C9.5.50 for daily use because of the mess they’ve made of the floating Transport Panel)

Never knew about this featre, where can I find it?

Preferences | General | Enable HiDPI checkbox.

Thanks, made no difference though, menu and fonts still look pixelated and washed out. Going from Cubase 9 to 10 is like going from HDMI back to VGA!

I have the same problem, but I am still on Windows 7. Menu fonts in Cubase Pro 9.5 look excellent, Cubase 10 is a mess. My global scaling is set to 150%.

I am staying on 9.5 at the moment, since Windows 7 support will run out in January 2020 and I will have to switch to Windows 10 soon anyway. I had actually hoped this is an OS problem and would not be an issue when using Windows 10.
But hopefully Steinberg gets a grip on the scaling and font issues, I feel they really dropped the ball in this one. If you look at Studio One, which has a lot of different scaling settings (not just 100% or 200%) and even allows individual scaling settings for different plugin windows, Steinberg is really behind when it comes to UI scaling.