Menu not working in Dorico for Ipad

Today I have opened my Dorico app after a while and I couldn’t export my files to pdf! Couldn’t print, couldn’t open the project in ForScore.
What happened? Menu shows only 5-6 options, it seems I cannot scroll it up or down.
Please help!

Are you using the Share button near the top right-hand corner? PDF is the 5th option, Print is the 6th.

I press the three dots next to the “eye” icon. It offers to deal bar numbers or transpose a part for example, and as I remember I used to be able to scroll up and down through more options , but now it seems to be just stuck …
I reinstalled the app, tried to do another project, and it didn’t change.
The only thing I can think now is to restart the iPad itself and hope something changes.:woman_shrugging:

Ok, restarting the iPad changed something, the toolbar you mentioned showed up in landscape mode, and stayed there when I flipped the iPad back on portrait .
Have no idea what happened, and have to see if all of my files are still there, but I managed to open the file in pdf in Forscore.
I will have to make some changes in it for sure, but for now it seems I won’t have to do it all from scratch.

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