Menus in write mode changed - screenshot

This is how my write mode looks now. Help…

Any chance you changed your your language preferences?

You might reset them by hitting Ctril+, and then picking the first item in the first pulldown. Dorico needs to be restarted to change languages.

Thanks, but it doesn’t work… restarted Dorico after picking English - no Change… also restarted computer - no change…

OK. We covered the PC restart. :slight_smile: I assume the rest of computer isn’t in Chinese, but double check your window’s language and region settings.

You can try deleting \users<yourname>AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico folder with Dorico shutdown and then let it regenerate a fresh one.

If that fails, I’d probably uninstall and reinstall Dorico.

Sorry, I don’t have a lot of better advise–haven’t seen this one before.


Can you think of anything (else) that you might have done - however apparently unconnected - before this happened?

I wonder whether the windows font cache somehow got out of step? The following site has an example on how to reset that:

You could also double check that the program folder does contain a file called DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf, this gets copied there by the installer (but not actually installed as a system wide font).

Hi StefanF - Yes! did the reset you’ve suggested and everything is back to normal! Thanks so much. Thought I was about to start learning Chinese…

Please don’t let this stop you from learning chinese.