Merge Cubase and Nuendo into one DAW

With Cubase and Nuendo have become so close to one another that only a few features differ. They simply does not seem to be a need for 2 different DAWs.

It may have had it’s reasons in the past but now that there are a lot of competition out there, Steinberg cant keep basic features exclusive to Nuendo to justify it’s existence. And now that pretty much all of Cubase’s features is in Nuendo 8. Why have two DAWs? I hate the fact that the’ll keep just a few exclusive features on each DAW.

Just concentrate all your man power and energy on one DAW and make it the best you can.

I wish it too so much, but Timo gave some feed back about that, actually the coding in few areas are different and he gave some explanations, the only solution would be with license but actually it’s not possible with this dongle system, but this license merging is a little off-topic in your “man power and energy” concern :wink:

Timo answered to many users questions in the Nuendo forum at this topic (from page 3 to 5) :
There is also some informations about Steinberg future strategy.

Very interesting thread. Thanks!

They are the same. It is different price tags and some limitations on included features. Nuendo > Cubase Pro > Cubase Artist > Cubase Elements.

They should remove all video junk from cubase and let it be for music and focus on that, and maybe have a Nuendo Elements for the low budget video stuff.

Nuendo is more different from Cubase than ever, and the differences will only become greater with each update. Did you ever actually use it?

BS. There’s a link above explaining how Nuendo’s development works so you have no excuse to post uneducated assumptions like this.

Video import is extremely important for many musician’s work. It IS part of Cubase’s focus on music and composing. The suggestion that it’s just “junk” reeks of ignorance and inconsideration.

Removing existing features helps absolutely nobody. I have no idea how some of you come up with garbage ideas like that.