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I’m working on a medley of songs for my choir. these are different pieces, which for convenience I have divided into different streams. Is there any way to bring all the streams I have created into one stream? I know I can show a new flow on the same page as the previous flow, but what I would like to achieve is that there are no breaks in the music writing.

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There’s no built-in way to merge separate flows, I’m afraid: copy and paste is the best way for the time being.

Thank you very much!

Hey Dan, can we have that as a feature request please?

Thank you! :pray:t2::musical_note:

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Merge AND SPLIT flows.

I think I would probably use flows for more things if it was easy to do these operations.

And it would be great to have an “arranger’s view” which is common in DAWs. That view would make it easy to clone flows and to drag and drop them in different sequences. Maybe I would put the verse in a different flow from the chorus which working on the arrangement, and maybe clone two versions of the verse flow to try out ideas. If the horns have a shout chorus, maybe that starts as its own flow. Once I have everything in its proper place, then I might merge the flows into a single flow – or not.

The point is the basic structure is there already if we could add a few more tools and UI views.


That’s an amazing idea. Arranger view, wow… Just select measures or instrument phrases and drop. That would be the God mode of notation softwares. Dorico is already so great. To add that… It’s almost not acceptable.

Great idea @cparmerlee !

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We do already have Write > Split Flow.

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One big problem with this, at least with the current implementation, is that there’s no way for Dorico to correctly account for any sort of region, like Chord Symbol Region, Bar Repeat Region, Slash Region, etc. when copying and pasting. If you’re envisioning this for a whole Flow, then it would work, as a Region can’t span multiple Flows, but Dorico can’t currently accurately copy a selection of bars containing Regions.

For example in Finale, the equivalent of Dorico’s Regions are Staff Styles, which will auto-break if you’ve selected a “Measure Stack,” basically the entire measure for all instruments in the score. I can select any group of measures, copy anywhere in the score, and the copy with be accurate. In Dorico, we get issues like these gifs:


In the above, I only selected 4 bars using the System Track, but 8 bars of Bass get pasted, running into the next section.


This time in the above gif, I selected 4 bars with the System Track, but when I paste them, the Bass part didn’t copy at all as the start of the region was prior to the selection.

I think some sort of arranger’s view could be a great feature, but it would be worthless for me if it wasn’t accurate and reliable. It definitely would need to incorporate some sort of auto-breaking and selecting of Regions. If it could do it intelligently, and know to write out the first bar of a Bar Repeat section when pasted, then that would really be amazing!

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In my way of thinking, a powerful arranger feature could be based on an ability to quickly rearrange flows. I realize that, as the product exists today, we tend to think of flows as movements, hymns in a hymnal or other more-or-less complete chunks of music. I am thinking about flows as being any collection of measures, large or small. A flow could be a verse, or a chorus, a bridge, an interlude, an optional ending or anything. The key is to make it easy to slice and dice. And the slicing should always deal with the issues you mentioned. Chord regions or repeat regions should automatically be cleaved as flows are split – if that does not happen already.

On merge, I don’t think it is necessary to combine such regions. In general, the only downside of keeping those regions fragmented is the numbering of repeated measures. Usually I want to reset the numbering at each section anyway.

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@FredGUnn @cparmerlee those are an amazing use for the implementation of the feature of an Arranger mode or whatever it might be, for a song. But i recently needed to use to arrange the parts of my “Classical” score, like where should this climax be and this slow phrase is better there before the build up, etc.
I think creating an ease in this area of creating music is extremely useful and attractive to users of other notation softwares not to mention new users!

Feature request. :pray:t2::musical_note:

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how did you paste without being in note entry mode ? that is possible :face_with_monocle:?

I was in Write mode, but just Alt-clicked the entries after they were selected by the System Track.