Merge instruments from different flow

Dear list,

I have very few experience with Dorico, and wanted to ask for a bit of advice: I received several files, which I imported into the same project as different flows. But although the option was on, the players weren’t optimized, and now I have duplicated players: X, X1, X2, etc.

Assuming that I can’t make a better import, I wanted to know: how can I merge the players / instruments without going through each flow and doing copy-paste? E.g. how can I merge instrument X1 from player X1 with instrument X from player X? I searched already in the manual and in the forum, but didn’t find any advice.



The easiest way is to assign key commands to Duplicate to Staff Above/Below (Ctrl-Alt-N/M). Then assign all instruments to all flows. Then select everything in on a staff in a flow, and move up or down as desired.

To answer your second question, we’d likely have to see a sample of the XML or file you are importing from.

In addition to Dan’s suggestion, Dorico has two means to combine notes on one staff, Copy-Reduce (under Paste Special) and Condensing. You could try these on a copy of your file to see which might serve you best in any given situation.

Thanks, I did manage to do this by copying and moving music. One small question: is it possible to automatically have consequent flows have consequent bar numbers?

No, not at the moment, I’m afraid. This is something I anticipate we will tackle when we implement proper support for attacca.