Merge Multiple Audio Tracks

I cannot merge multiple audio tracks into one track. I have Cubase Studio 5. I was able to do this in previous versions of Cubase. Can anyone help?

And how did you do that in the previous versions…?

Cubase VST 5 had a merge tracks function. You selected the audio tracks to merge and clicked merge tracks. The result was a new, single track with all your effects and mixing levels kept in-tact.

I don´t think this feature still exists in Cubase (Studio) 5

You can do the same thing by soloing the tracks you want to merge, setting you R/L locators and exporting to a new track. You can then copy and paste any track info onto that new track. If you want this new track to be dry, make sure you disable your effects before you export!

At the expense of an added step you can also route them to a group and then record the output of the group. This gives you a little flexibility later on to make changes (panning, eq, etc.) without having to rerender again. 6 of 1, half dozen of another …