Merge Nuendo and Cubase Product Lines

After Steinberg released Cubase 9.5 Update, without implementing the changes in Nuendo 8.1 some users already suggested to merge both programs.
I think it’s a great idea.
The basic features of both programs are identical. At the very beginning threre
were some substatial differences between the two apps. Now Steinberg itegrated NEK into Nuendo and blessed Cubase Users
with DOP and Cycle Markers Export (that already was a Cubase feature for a while).
Cubase with its much bigger user base gets more love from Steinberg in terms of updates and optimization.
For Nuendo Users on the other hand it is very frustrating to have payed something around 1700 € and have to wait for the new features and substational bug fixing Cubase Users already have.
Apart from that Cubase is imho superior to Nuendo in terms of UI customization, UI and appearance in general. The only thing I like
about Nuendo is red outline for selected event (in Cubase the color is inverted)
There are several posts in this forum where users intend to move to Cubase from Nuendo. I did that myself last year ago after
getting frustrated with Nuendo’s User interface and poor GUI performance.
Why not merge two programs so we have Cubase Post or Cubase Ultimate or Cubase Superieur?

I completely agree with you, I have two set ups, on with CB9.5 and one with N8.1.
Cubase is so snappy and the new automation is awesome, although I use Nuendo on a newer Mac, its UI is slow and draggy.
From what I understand, SB doesn’t want to make Nuendo a super-Cubase version, they intend to keep them geared toward two separate users; the musicians/producers and the post-audio/game-audio people.
That doesn’t make sense to me if you ask me, I’d much rather have one product with features you can activate ‘a la carte’ and also merging the file names would be great. I think this is the one thing that Avid has, its consistency between products, I’m no fan of PT but I like the fact that you can open a sesssion in any program (Vanilla or HD) or even export a Sibelius file from PT. There seems to be a disconnect between SB products that is unfortunate to me as I use all their products.


There are multiple posts in this forum explaining why merging both would be impractical. That would at least triple the number of serious bugs with each major release, on top of leaving much less time for the development of Nuendo features.

And you can already import Cubase projects into Nuendo and vice versa.

It is impractical from the SB point of view. From a user point of view it would be very practical.
Composers want desperately Edit Mode but they want to have bezier curves and snappy GUI as well.
At SB you can not have both and it’s a shame.
Apart from that - it’s not that SB is capable of fixing serious bugs in one product, their most expensive flagship product.
I didn’t update to N8 but according to the posts here N8 seems to be very buggy. And from my own experience N7 was everything but snappy.

I don’t think it’s clever from SB to distinguish between these two groups.
I can only speak for myself. I consider myself more composer than post-audio guy but I am doing both.
There were years where I was doing more post (especially sound design) than composition. I think there is a great overlap in these two groups especially in Mid-field. Not speaking about Hans Zimmer and likes.